Is Public School the Best Choice for My Child?

Is Public School the Best Choice for my Child- (2)

People often ask me my opinion on the public school versus homeschool debate. I don’t mind sharing the reasons behind why my husband and I have chosen to homeschool our children. I don’t even mind talking about my strong convictions for Christian education. However, when it comes to answering the question of what you should do with your own child I am quick to point out that God has given you, as the parent, the authority and responsibility to raise your child, not me.

I love how God has designed the family. I love that each family is unique with different gifts and callings. I love how God gives parents the wisdom they need to raise the children God has given them. I love that I am only responsible for the upbringing of my own children.

So when people ask me whether or not public school is the best choice for their child, I encourage them to do five things.

Is Public School the Best Choice for My Child- (1)Pray

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take every decision we make to the Lord. This includes the decisions we make regarding our children’s education. It is not enough to hope for the best or to follow along with the norm. We must seek God’s wisdom and direction in how to educate our children and that starts with prayer.

Pray that God would give you discernment when making this decision. Pray that your decision would not be driven by fear. Pray that you and your spouse would be unified in choosing which education option is best for your family. Pray that God would confirm your final decision through scripture and wise counsel.

Search Scripture

You won’t find the words education or school in the Bible but that doesn’t mean that Scripture is useless in making a decision about our children’s education. The Bible is filled with principles and truths that apply to raising children and gaining knowledge.

It isn’t enough to pray. We must also diligently search the Scriptures to make sure our prayers and our decisions are in line with God’s Word. We have the very words of God written down for us to read. Let us not forget to go to God’s Word for the wisdom we need in making this important decision for our children.

Seek Counsel

Take time to seek counsel from others. Talk to other families who have made different educational choices and ask them these important questions:

  1. Why did you choose to put your child in public, private or home school?
  2. What benefits do you see to this type of education?
  3. What drawbacks do you see to this type of education
  4. Did you pray about your decision before making it?
  5. Did you search scripture before making this decision and if so, what did you find?

The decision you make for your child should not be dependent on another person’s opinion but hearing from others can give us a new perspective or further insight into what God’s Word says about raising and educating children.

Go Back and Pray and Search Scripture Some More

After talking with other families, take time to go back and hold everything they said up to God’s Word. Were their educational choices based on Scripture? Did they take the time to pray and examine the Bible before making their choice? Are the benefits they noticed ones that please the Lord? Do the drawbacks dishonor God or just inconvenience parent or student?

Pray, asking God to reveal His will through His Word as you decide what educational choice is best for your child.

Make a Decision in Confidence

Pray over this decision. Take time to diligently search the Scriptures regarding the training of children and the education of their minds and hearts. Seek counsel from others. Then make a decision in confidence knowing you sought God’s will over your own. He knows your child. He knows your family. He knows what is best.


  1. Tiffany says:

    Another important thing is “be involved”. If you decide Public school is best for your family, volunteer at the school. Your child will greatly benefit from knowing they and their education are important to you.

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