Creative Ways to Review Spelling Words

When it comes to reviewing spelling words, most kids are familiar with writing their words 2 times each, creating sentences, or alphabetizing their spelling words. After awhile these methods become dull. In an effort to make practicing spelling more enjoyable I came up with some creative alternatives.

creative ways to review spelling words

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Creative Ways to Review Spelling Words

Stamp Your Words

Grab your letter stamps and let your child stamp his spelling words all over a piece of paper. Make it even more fun by using different colored stamp pads. If you are using the Spell to Write and Read program, then you might enjoy these free printables that allow your child to stamp and write out words from each spelling list.

Group Into Parts of Speech

Have your child organize their spelling words into the different parts of speech. Take a piece of paper and fold it into the appropriate number of squares. Label each square with a different part of speech such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. Then your child can write down each word in the appropriate square. You can also use this free printable.

Spelling Words Parts of Speech

Opposite Game

Call out a word that is the opposite of one of your child’s spelling words. Have them write the correct spelling word on a white board, chalk board or a piece of paper. For example, if your child’s spelling word is “bottom” you can shout out “top”.

Tile Your Spelling Words

Get out your BananagramsScrabble or Scrabble Apple game and have your child use the tiles to build their spelling words. You can have them race against the clock to see how fast they can build their words.

Use game tiles to spell out your spelling words

Sidewalk Chalk

Go outside and get some fresh air while practicing those spelling words. Bring the sidewalk chalk along and have your child write their words on the cement while enjoying the outdoors.

Water and Paint Brush

Who wants to be inside doing school work on a beautiful sunny day? Grab a bucket of water and a paint brush and take school outside. Your child can write their spelling words on the cement or a wood fence with a wet paint brush.

Build a Sentence

Write your child’s spelling words on index cards and have them create a sentence with the cards. You might need to add a few extra words not on their list so that they can form complete sentences.

Build a sentence with spelling words

Draw a Picture and Write the Word

Have your child draw a picture for each spelling word and then write the word under the picture. For example, if your child’s word is “frog”, draw a picture of a frog. If the word is “stumble”, draw a picture of a man falling. If the word is “under” have them draw a picture of a cat under a table.

Spelling Word Bing

What better way to review words than with a game? Print out a Bingo board, have your child write their spelling words on the board and then play a game of Bingo. You will want to have the spelling words written out on index cards to use for the game. My kids enjoy using chocolate chips as game markers. You can also use colored bears, Lego pieces, candy, cereal or anything else you can think of.

Spelling Bingo Pic

Candyland Spelling Game

Take out your Candyland game and create this fun game to review your child’s spelling words. Instructions on how to create and play the game are here.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

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