A Simple Way to Organize Homeschool Records

Check out my simple system for organizing homeschool records. I’ve put together an instructional video to walk you through how to set it up and how to use it. I also included instructions in this post with helpful links to supplies and forms that you may want to use.

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Supplies Needed for Your Homeschool Records System

Here are the supplies you will need to put together your own homeschool records system. It can be very helpful to color-code your kids so that each child has their own color of folders.

How to Set Up Your Homeschool Records System

  1. If you are using a “School Records” folder then label one hanging file folder accordingly.
  2. Stagger the tabs on your 14 hanging file folders. Label the first one with your child’s name and then continue to label the rest of the tabs “Kindergarten” through “12th grade”.
  3. Label your 13 file folders “Kindergarten” through “12th grade” and put them in the hanging file folder that has your child’s name on it. This will be your child’s cumulative folder.

A Simple Way to Organize Homeschool Records with an instructional video and helpful links

Using Your Homeschool Records System

Now that your supplies are purchased and your homeschool records system is set up, it’s time to start filing all those important homeschool records. Below is a list of what records I keep in each folder. Please make sure to check your state homeschool laws and tweak my system so that you are in compliance with your state laws.

School Records Folder

*Required in California for private homeschools.

Cumulative Folder

In the front of the folder:

In each grade specific folder:

Kindergarten through 12th Grade Hanging File Folders

  • Samples of their work from each subject
  • Tests
  • Photographs of any projects or science experiments they did that year

That’s it! I hope this homeschool records system helps you to stay organized. I’d love to hear how it is working for you once you have it all set up.


  1. Hi Janelle! I found your website a few months ago for tips on using Spell to Write and Read. I have loved all of your tips for that and other things as well! I just organized my boxes for school records like you have shown here and I think I am going to love it! It is exactly the type of record keeping I was looking for. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain it. We move a lot for my husband’s job and this is a great way for us to keep all of our records in one safe place and to keep all the information we might need depending on the state we live in at the time. Thank you!

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